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Mobile Transmission Differential Specialists

We have an expert team to conduct acceleration tests, where the computer runs the engine through the rpm range and collects data at various speeds. The most popular is 300 rpm per second, but some circle-track customers go slower, and high-powered drag racers go higher. Customers should familiarize themselves with the different tests and types of data the dyno acquisition software will record. Each dyno run can generate 8 to 10 pages of data.

During Every Dyno Testing our staff will record everything that they have done and store it for future use. We are a one stop shop for Modern Dyno testing system in Melbourne. These dyno systems are equipped with high-tech data-acquisition equipment and simulation software to speed up the testing or gather precise information like warning for low oil pressure and other dangers.

Automatic transmission Dynamometer is designed to diagnose the performance of a transmission, simulate different real driving conditions.


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