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When Did You Have Your Transmission Serviced ?

To keep your transmission in top running form, vehicle manufactures recommend servicing your transmission every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres – or whichever occurs first.

1. We test drive the vehicle prior to servicing

We always invite our clients to join us on the test drive so we can get any feedback on problems or abnormalities they may have experienced in the past regarding their transmission.

2. We inspect the transmission on the hoist

Our qualified technicians will then hoist your vehicle and compose a full inspection of the transmission, focusing and reporting any leaks, or loose / missing items. If we find any abnormalities, no additional work will be performed unless fully authorised by the client.

3. Replacement of transmission fluid, fluids filter, pan gasket

We use genuine factory recommended fluids which won’t void your new car manufactures warranty.

4. Adjustment of transmission bands (if required).

Your transmission bands can wear over time, and adjustment of the bands will ensure a smooth change of gears on your automatic transmission. This is another great reason to get your transmission serviced and inspected by us.

Whilst your transmission is being serviced (usually takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour*) you can wait in our waiting area and help yourself to a cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of tea.


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